We help professionals successfully navigate career transitions with confidence and purpose.

Our coaching strategy is rooted in the belief that understanding our client’s individual talents and strengths is the key to helping them achieve short and long-term career goals that are rewarding and fulfilling.

We’re the “go-to” team for creating your personal brand, exit statement, elevator pitch, and networking strategies. We’ll create a compelling resume and LinkedIn profile to showcase your achievements and position you for networking, interviewing, and negotiating the best compensation package.

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What We Do

Interview Preparation

Interviews can be scary. They can bring about feelings of pressure, anxiety, insecurity and fear of rejection. The Secret Sauce: Preparation.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership skills are developed over time through interaction, observation, assessment of one’s values and beliefs, and often the thought to never be like that…

Career Transition Strategy

Forging your unique career path can be fun and exciting. It can also be confusing and unsettling. It’s helpful to have an experienced career strategist…

Strengths Development

Your professional life should be fulling and enjoyable. Sometimes certain people or situations can get you off-track or prevent you from working…

Personal Branding

Your resume is crucial to a successful job search. It is a marketing tool that acts as the gateway to initial conversations and the backbone of many interviews.

College Students

The first few years after entering the “real world” can set the tone for the direction of your career. It is also a new frontier that most professionals jump into…

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